Northcliffe has its share of tall tales and timber.

Seeking Stories Never Before Published for the Centenary Book

To celebrate Northcliffe's centenary in 2024, the Northcliffe Pioneer Museum is preparing a large format coffee table book with anecdotes and short stories that depict the changing faces of Northcliffe and its people across the past 10 decades. The book will be available for purchase, in hard or soft covers, early in 2024.

imageWhether you have been here all your life or only just arrived, whether you are ninety or nine anyone with memories and experiences of living in Northcliffe is encouraged to contribute. Although the book is to celebrate the years since Europeans settled in Northcliffe we do acknowledge the original Murrum people who lived here and pay our respects to their elders past and present.
You can tell your tales or anecdotes which showcase resilience, humour and achievements, even disasters or failures. You need only write between 300 and 500 words. Up to 1500 words are welcome if you prefer and recount events not previously published (in the Karri Pigeon or elsewhere) or given to the Museum more that two years ago.

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If you would rather talk about your tale there is someone to help wriite it down!
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