The Pioneer Museum Centenary Book Project

The idea is to capture the essence of living in Northcliffe from people living here. This book will celebrate what it means to enjoy this beautiful part of Western Australia.
Stories need to be new and previously unpublished.
You can tell your tales or anecdotes which showcase resilience, humour and achievements, even disasters, tragedies or failures. We would welcome, for example, any untold stories of the impact of Northcliffe’s development on the aboriginal people living in this area. Although the book is about the period since 1924 we do acknowledge the original Murrum people who lived here and pay our respects to their elders past and present. Your stories can be about anything you recall  about events and experiences in the last 100 years. See some ideas below or click the links for the the historical timeline or a longer ideas list for inspiration

  • Sport
  • Dairy industry
  • Timber industry
  • Group settlement
  • Save the forest
  • Daily life
  • Environment
  • Businesses
  • Health services
  • Schools and education
  • Newsletters and press reports
  • Disasters
  • Celebrations
  • Community participation and groups

A small group of volunteers will be collecting stories, promoting and publishing the book.

They are : Carole Perry, Alison Daubney, Beverly Thiele and Kate Haslam
Get in touch if you would like to help or if you need any help to write your story.......

Contact details
Northcliffe Pioneer Museum
1 Windy Harbour Road, Northcliffe WA 6262
PO Box 116, Northcliffe WA 6262
Phone: 08 9776 7022
Email: Alison Daubney:
or Carole Perry: